Minibus Insurance

A minibus may be purchased for private as well as professional or commercial use, and there are many makes and models of these functional autos on the roads today. These are larger vehicles that are generally designed to provide you with ample space for passenger seating, and this makes them the ideal vehicle solution for large families, charities, auto for hire companies, shuttle services and others. In the United Kingdom, minibus insurance is generally required, and you may be wondering what type of cover is available for your vehicle.

Do You Need Minibus Cover?
Regardless of whether you own your vehicle in your personal name or in a business name, you likely are required by law to purchase cover. In addition, your auto lender may also have additional cover requirements in place. This is a type of cover that is designed for vehicles with between seven and 17 seats in most cases, and many of these policies different between private and commercial use. There are several different types of policies and cover options available, so you should review the options to ensure that you purchase the best policy for your needs.

A Private or Commercial Policy
The most significant difference between the minibus insurance policy options relates to how the vehicle will be owned and used. With a private policy, the cover options most closely match those for a private car policy. This may include options for general liability, replacement and repair costs and other similar options. When the minibus is used for commercial purposes, the liability cover options is generally more significant. There may also be cover in place for loss of income. After all, if the vehicle is used to generate income and is damaged, it may no longer be able to serve its income-generating purpose until it is repaired.

The Amount of Cover
In addition, the amount of cover can also vary in a minibus insurance policy. You may have minimum requirements in place based on whether you use the minibus for personal or commercial purposes and if you have a loan on the vehicle. While the minimum cover limits may provide you with some guidelines to help you make a better buying decision, you should consider reviewing the options to determine if purchasing additional cover would be in your best interested. You may benefit by increasing cover for breakdown recovery service, windscreen cover, uninsured loss recovery, the in-car entertainment and communication equipment and other types of cover. You may speak with an insurance agent in detail about the options. By doing so, you can gain more information about what is included and excluded in the cover so that you can make a more informed decision.

If you have invested in a minibus for your family's personal needs or for your business purposes, you want to take steps to ensure that you have cover in place that meets legal requirements and that protects you from financial loss. You can easily explore the options available today to determine which policy is best for your needs.